New Cut/Taylor Blvd Canvass

This Fall, the New Cut/Taylor Blvd Corridor Project will canvass businesses and organizations along the New Cut/Taylor Blvd Corridor to develop relationships and gather information about opportunities and priorities for economic development.


We need your help!
Volunteer to canvass 3-6 businesses to learn more about their experiences in the corridor. Click a volunteer event below to sign-up!


Volunteer Events


Land Use

This committee will work with local officials to rezone parts of the northern and southern corridor anchors in order to encourage unified community development and attract potential retail development.


This committee will work to make the corridor roadways safer, more functional, and more attractive, particularly for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Economic Development

This committee will focus on the redevelopment of key sites along the corridor, including the former Iroquois Homes site and nearby properties (the “Northern Anchor”).

Corridor Identity

This committee will consider the possibility of changing the name of the corridor and develop a brand identity that includes banners, welcome signs, and a consistent system of plantings and street furniture (including benches, trash receptacles, and bus shelters).


Southwest Dream Team

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