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Active Projects

Networking EventsConnect with Businesses and the Community

The Southwest Dream Team is offering Southwest Louisville businesses and organizations an opportunity to promote themselves and network with other businesses and organizations at a monthly networking event.  The events will be held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at an area business or restaurant.  Join the e-mail distribution list using the 'Subscription' link above to receive information about the next upcoming event.


Completed Projects



Market Feasibility Study - Steps Toward Revitalization of an Abandoned Property

The Southwest Dream Team engaged with a third party company to complete a market feasibility study in an effort to help revitalize an abandoned property in Southwest Louisville, specifically Colonial Gardens.  The study has been completed and is available for download.  Click here to download the study.

Louisville Mayoral Southwest Debate ~ Fall 2010

Providing an opportunity to connect with the people and address the issues of Southwest Louisville, the Southwest Dream organized a debate Louisville Mayoral Candidates. The event was held in the fall of 2010 at Jefferson Community College Southwest Campus. All three primary candiates attended and provided answers to key questions on the minds of those in Southwest Louisville. The event proved to be a great opportunity for many to get to better know each candidate and better educate them how they would ultimately vote. The event was a great success.

Bob Montgomery Petition - May 2010

The Southwest Dream Team hosted a petition drive to help gain awareness of the looming closing of the Bob Montgomery Chevrolet dealership.  This had been slated by GM to occur in October 2010.  However, with over 3,000 signatures of local resident's pledged support, and great efforts on the part of many, GM reversed the decision to close the francaise in May 2010.  This helped secure 45+ jobs, most of which are currently held by Southwest Louisville residents.

Mayoral Forum - April 2010

The Southwest Dream Team helped to support an evening Mayoral Candidate Forum at the Southwest Government Center.  The forum was sponsored and organized by Rick Blackwell with support from other Metro Council members and the Southwest Dream Team.  All active candidates were in attendance and each responded to questions proposed by people of Southwest Louisville via the Dream Team.  It was a great event and helped to educate the community on the specific goals of each mayoral candidate, especially as they relate to Southwest Louisville.

Operation 'Thank You' 2009/2010

The 2009 Operation 'Thank You' was again a wonderful event.  This year again, we were privledged to coordinate our volunteers with the mass departure of basic trainees from Fort Knox, heading home for the holidays.  This was our opportunity to meet, chat with, and most importantly express our sincerest appreciation for the service of our military.  We even got a drill-sargent to sing some carols!  The SWDT was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Commanders at Fort Knox for our cheerful support. Thanks to all of you for helping to make Operation 'Thank You' a reality!
See comments that follow from some of those who were involved:
  • Great Job and thanks to all of the SWDT for helping take care of Soldiers. Merry Christmas to all and Best Wishes for a Super New Year in 2010. - Gen. Bill Barron (ret)
  • Sharon, what an exhilarating experience. Those guys were so appreciative when we greeted them. I was very impressed with their maturity. I am signed up for January 3, 2010 when they return. I encourage others...to join us on the 3rd of January. Thank you for your leadership. - Biggs Tabler
  • I am en route to St. Pete via Baltimore on a Southwest plane with about 50 or so Army guys. I am spreading our SWDT good wishes to them. One of them stated " KY really loves the Army". I agreed. We just landed and they sang the Army song then said the Army pledge. Everyone on the plane cheered! So cool!
    They said they will be returning January 3rd.  Give my best wishes to all the volunteers for a very Merry Christmas!  - Vicki Welch


A very special thank you to everyone that helped show appreciation to our soldiers!

Fort Knox Bus Tour - Travel to view the progress at Fort Knox related to BRAC'05

Rendering of new HR Building on Fort Knox Base.The Southwest Dream Team organized a bus tour of the Fort Knox property for November 20th, 2009.  The tour included a guided tour of the active areas of the Fort Knox property, a close up look at the new HR Building and lunch at the Leader's Club.  Special thank you to Gen. Bill Barron (Ret) and Col. Ogden for their insightful presentation and answering questions.  To close out our day, we toured the Patton Museum which is a wonderful treasure that you should take advantage of immediately before the Armor School departs in 2011.  Special thank you to Rick Dickerson of the Patton Museum for his tour of the facility.  (See his comments below)

 Download Powerpoint presentations: Presentation 1 | Presentation 2

                                                                     Mr. Price,

I would like to once more thank you and your group for visiting the Patton Museum and Ft. Knox. I hope all of the members of your group had a enlightening experience on their visit. I know one of the women did as she brought her family back in on 21st and they enjoyed the museum.

It is always a pleasure to work with other professionals from different fields. Thank you.

Rick Dickerson
Tour Coordinator
Pattom Museum



Avenue Banners - Dixie Corridor - Phase I - Dedicated November 6th, 2009

The Southwest Dream Team launched our first phase of avenue banners on November 6th, 2009.  A ceremony was held to celebrate this accomplishment and continue the momentum of promoting Southwest Louisville as the great place to live, work, and play that it is.

Welcome Banner - I-264 and Dixie Highway, viewable to south-bound traffic

I-264 Welcome Banner Gets Noticed!

Mr. Price---   I just wanted to let you know that the banner has received many compliments from our friends and customers when they come into our shop.  I believe your organization was wise to invest the assets and time that was required to bring this about.  I have been in restaurants and other businesses all around the Louisville area and when people see the name on my shirt, they are quick to tell me how nice the banner looks on the building. Obviously people are noticing and remembering the banner and it's message of Welcome to the Southwest area.


Rick Vincent, Jim Vincent Body Shop

 Feedback continues regarding the new banner...


 "I thoroughly enjoyed the dedication ceremony for the banner.  I wish every employee of my hotel could have come for it...It was one of the most positive and moving experiences I have had since I moved to the Louisville Area right after 911.  Looking forward to the future!" -Jodie Benson

"It is a new beginning for Southwest Louisville. It’s a great first step in making Southwest Louisville all it can be." -Kathy Graham

 "It is our desire for excellence and a united front as the Southwest Community moves forward. The banner is our first step into the future." -Ray Whitner

"I hope the banner will serve as a proclamation to the City of Louisville that some great things are happening in Southwest Louisville." -Benjamin Hill

"I absolutely love the banner, and it looks fabulous up on the building.  Great job to all who made it happen!!!!" -Valerie Toles

"My hope for the banner is that it will draw positive attention to our area and that it will impact the decisions of business owners to bring their businesses to Southwest Louisville." -Donna Vaughn

"I am proud each day in the morning and evening as I get on and off 264, to see what a great job you and the SWDT have done!  I LOVE the banner and I’m excited for more great things to come!" -BJ Mayhew

"Sorry I missed the unveiling - I was out of town, but the banner looks great!" -Joni Jenkins

"The banner is so great!!!" -Elaine Jetton

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