New Cut / Taylor Blvd Corridor Project

About the Project

This Corridor Plan is the culmination of a process sponsored by former Louisville Metro Council members Vicki Aubrey Welch, Marianne Butler, Dan Johnson, and David Yates. The overall goal of this project is to develop a plan for the New Cut Road/Taylor Boulevard Corridor extending from the Watterson Expressway south to the Gene Snyder Expressway. The intention is to develop a community-based vision for the corridor that will lead to investment in physical improvements and that will support economic development that maximizes the benefits of the corridor’s assets for the surrounding neighborhoods. The Corridor is the gateway from the Watterson Expressway to adjacent neighborhoods and to significant recreational, arts, and equine activities, including Iroquois Park and Amphitheater, Jefferson Memorial Forest, and Fairdale Village . Benefits of an improved Corridor include: better promotion of area attractions; better opportunities for small businesses; stimulation of the area housing market; and a more attractive and functional “Main Street” for local neighborhoods.

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