Taylor/New Cut Network
Taylor Blvd/New Cut Rd Safety Study

Iroquois Homes Community Engagement Project

About the Network

Residents of Southwest Louisville envision vibrant neighborhoods full of potential. Inspired by the timeless aesthetics of Frederick Law Olmsted’s Iroquois Park and Southern Parkway, the Taylor Boulevard/New Cut Road Corridor stands ready for transformative development.

We hold a community-driven vision for the corridor, aimed at enhancing physical infrastructure and fostering economic growth that uplifts our neighborhoods. Serving as the gateway from the Watterson Expressway to nearby areas and attractions like Iroquois Park and Amphitheater, Jefferson Memorial Forest, and Fairdale Village, the Corridor holds immense promise.

Improvements to the Corridor promise a host of benefits, including increased promotion of local attractions, enhanced support for small businesses, a boost to the housing market, and the creation of a more inviting and functional “Main Street” for our neighborhoods.

Let’s unlock the full potential of our community together.

Our goal is to revitalize the infrastructure and housing within our communities while honoring our cultural heritage.


Land Use

This committee will work with local officials to rezone parts of the northern and southern corridor anchors in order to encourage unified community development and attract potential retail development.


This committee will work to make the corridor roadways safer, more functional, and more attractive, particularly for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Economic Development

This committee will focus on the redevelopment of key sites along the corridor, including the former Iroquois Homes site and nearby properties (the “Northern Anchor”).

Corridor Identity

This committee will consider the possibility of changing the name of the corridor and develop a brand identity that includes banners, welcome signs, and a consistent system of plantings and street furniture (including benches, trash receptacles, and bus shelters).

Task Force Members

  • Rep. McKenzie Cantrell, Kentucky State House District 38
  • Nicole George, Councilmember, Metro Council District 21
  • Janet Heston, Founder, Matthew’s Bridge
  • Councilwoman Amy Holton Stewart, Louisville Metro Council District 25
  • Vince Jarboe, Vince Jarboe State Farm Insurance
  • Rebecca Katz, Executive Director, Southwest Dream Team
  • Director Michael King, Louisville Metro Advanced Planning & Sustainability
  • Vicki Aubrey Welch, Former Councilmember Metro Council District 15
  • Daniel Luckett, Legislative Aide, Metro Council District 15
  • Barbara Nichols, Legislative Aide, Metro Council District 13
  • Craig Oeswein, Owner/Operator, Taylor Blvd. Save-A-Lot
  • Brian Powell, Legislative Assistant, Louisville Metro Council District 25
  • Rachel Roarx, Legislative Aide, Metro Council District 21
  • Kevin Triplett, Councilmember, Metro Council District 15
  • Ann Ramser, Iroquois Neighborhood Association
  • Maureen Welch, Community Member
Network Achievements

See What We’ve Accomplished Since April 2021

  • TARC improvements at Park Blvd
  • Relocation of TARC stop to Kenwood- $22K (new concrete pad, shelter, stop) – ask chris has it moved? It went fast
  • Two (2) cleanups collecting 20 bags of litter
  • Partner with Center for Neighborhood’s PAINT program mural
  • Launched Iroquois Housing Engagement Project
  • Plan for Lead Pedestrian Interval & updated crosswalks at Taylor & Bicknell, Taylor &
  • Bluegrass, New Cut & Kenwood
  • Relocation of pedestrian buttons/walk heads to inspire use at Bicknell
  • New Cut & Kenwood plan for high visibility crosswalks and audible signals
  • Elevated New Cut Taylor corridor to evaluate the coordinated signal timing patterns
  • Bluegrass signal evaluation adding more green time for the northbound left turn movement
  • KYTC agreed to a HSIP study from Palatka to Ashland- Safety study for vehicular traffic but will allow pedestrian improvements (Can we share?)
  • New Cut/Taylor was boosted by KIPDA for recommended State funding. KIDPA ID2769- 2nd highest scoring project just behind Greewood Rd.
  • MSD Tree-planting grant
  • Press from Iroquois Housing
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