What We Do

We invest in our region's best assets to elevate South and Southwest Louisville.

South Points Scenic Area

The South Points Scenic Area is our signature tourism initiative that promotes the natural and cultural attractions in South and Southwest Louisville.

Future Dreamers Civic Leadership Academy

Future Dreamers aims to connect and elevate emerging leaders who have a stake in the success of South and Southwest Louisville.

Community Plan Implementation

We take on special projects that align with regional planning documents. Currently we lead the Taylor/New Cut Network, working to improve this South Louisville corridor.

The Southwest Dream Team (SWDT) was founded in 2008 in response to harmful narratives about south and southwest Louisville that impede economic growth of the region. The SWDT advocates for a unified vision for future community and economic development and to improve quality of life for residents in target neighborhoods of Jefferson County, a region we have branded as the South Points Scenic Area.